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Baldness Drug Risks Men's Sexual Health

A popular drug for male pattern baldness has been leaving some men permanently impotent.

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Just Dump Your Smelly Sponge

19 Aug 2017 | 50,518 Views

Scientists recently discovered live bacteria and pathogens in used kitchen sponges, even when users thought they were clean. Microwaving 'may nuke the weak ones, but the strongest, smelliest and potentially pathogenic bacteria will survive,' the study found. What can you do with those smelly sponges?

Fashion Waste Poised to Become Environmental Crisis

16 Aug 2017 | 17,631 Views

You may not guess that one of the biggest contributors to landfill and ocean pollution comes from the fashion industry. The clothes you purchase and the way you care for them have a direct impact on the amount of plastic in the oceans and toxic chemicals in landfills. I'll give you strategies that make a difference.

Natural Remedies for the Prevention of Dry Eyes

16 Aug 2017 | 57,010 Views

In a society that spends hours each day in front of electronic screens, the number of people who suffer from dry eye is rising. However, with a few simple changes, you may prevent this painful condition or help significantly reduce your symptoms.

Catechins Are Key to Good Health

14 Aug 2017 | 34,842 Views

New research has revealed that antioxidant compounds in green tea called catechins have powerful benefits for your body and mind by reducing your disease risk in several ways. They may even counteract the damage done by eating a typical Western diet. But can you imagine the benefits if you ate well already?

What Is Aloe Vera Good For?

14 Aug 2017 | 35,894 Views

While spiky aloe vera is often thought of in terms of healing skin, there are many other benefits, from cardiovascular to potential weight loss, as the plant includes antibacterial, antifungal and antioxidant properties. Yes, the gel inside the leaves is great for burns and cuts, but for so much more as well.

Birthday Candles Increase Bacterial Count on Cake

12 Aug 2017 | 26,798 Views

Research demonstrates blowing out birthday candles increases potential exposure to a stranger's oral microbiome, but other activities do that as well. I'll share healthy strategies to naturally improve and protect your oral health and reduce your risk of periodontal disease and cavities.

Skyrocketing Male Infertility May Threaten Mankind’s Survival

09 Aug 2017 | 97,378 Views

Can turn your sperm to mush much more easily than you ever thought possible. Odds are it's happening to you too, based on this more than 50 percent plummet. So don't just disregard. Instead, watch out for yourself and protect your ability to procreate.

Who Makes It Rain?

08 Aug 2017 | 40,736 Views

Weather modification isn't a practice reserved for science fiction novels; it's occurring right now across the globe. While one such technique, cloud seeding, is touted as a solution to increase rainfall and reduce hail damage, one group of farmers is calling for an end to the practice, citing some potentially negative effects.

Lutein - An Important Nutrient for Eye and Brain Health

07 Aug 2017 | 133,508 Views

The most recent research about this nutrient that your body can't make shows how it may affect your neural responses and help you stay cognitively fit as you age. Find out the 10 best food sources, including the top two that contain as much as 47 percent of this brain- and eye-loving nutrient.

20 Tips for 20 Years

07 Aug 2017 | 47,260 Views

It's been 20 years since I launched Mercola.com, geared to inform people like you regarding the latest advancements in natural health. I started with my own medical practice, but realized I could 'get the word out' more effectively by going online. It's a decision that has proven crucial to the health of millions, for which I'm grateful.


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