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Baldness Drug Risks Men's Sexual Health

A popular drug for male pattern baldness has been leaving some men permanently impotent.

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Glitter Has Become a Global Hazard

13 Dec 2017 | 3,233 Views

Children, adults and marine wildlife find glitter fascinating. Much of it enters waterways as food-sized microplastic particles. I'll share why glitter is receiving attention from environmentalists and safer alternatives to meet your needs.

Dirt Shirts and SITO: Promoting Organic Apparel and Eco-Friendly Fashion

12 Dec 2017 | 59,801 Views

Direct from Texas and referred to as 'dirt shirts,' if you've never had the opportunity to wear one, you won't believe how soft they are. What's more, they are sustainable, and contribute to the regeneration of the environment.

Teflon Town: A Toxic Legacy

12 Dec 2017 | 8,814 Views

From Michigan to Vermont, companies using toxic perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) in the manufacture of Teflon-containing fabrics and waterproof shoes have left behind a toxic legacy: contaminated water and soil that's been poisoning area residents for decades. Millions of Americans are drinking PFOA-contaminated water.

Poop Pills Can Combat Deadly Infections

11 Dec 2017 | 29,097 Views

A serious and potentially deadly infection known as Clostridium difficile is running rampant in health care facilities and becomes particularly virulent when antibiotics are prescribed. Relatively new fecal transplant therapy, however, has shown a 90 percent reduction in C. diff. relapses, and it comes in pill form.

Is Eating Eggshells Beneficial?

11 Dec 2017 | 29,392 Views

Why would anyone consider eating eggshells? Most people just pitch them, but scientists say consuming crushed, powdered egg shells in smoothies, for instance, offer nutritional benefits, as in powdered form they're a viable and natural option for strengthening your bones, joints and connective tissues.

How to Pick the Best Produce at the Grocery Store

09 Dec 2017 | 31,789 Views

Believe it or not, only 1 in 10 adults eats the amount of produce recommended daily to stay healthy and avoid disease. Could it be that people aren’t sure what produce should look and feel like?

Quick Tips to Grow Chives

08 Dec 2017 | 11,646 Views

Visually appealing and topped with lavender flowers, these may help reduce aphid population around your ornamental plants and make a nutritious and tasty addition to your food. I'll share how to grow, harvest and enjoy them all year.

7 Supplements That Help Fight Holiday Stress

07 Dec 2017 | 26,130 Views

Seven supplements can make a big difference in how well you manage your stress this holiday season. If you are unaware of the stress-relieving properties of ashwagandha, L-theanine, lavender oil, magnesium, potassium and/or vitamins B12 and D, now is the time to become familiar with them.

Will Most Sunscreens Be Eventually Banned?

06 Dec 2017 | 23,827 Views

A chemical commonly found in sunscreen is linked to hormone disruption and death of marine invertebrates. These colorful creatures that provide a home for 25 percent of marine life are dying from the sunscreen most people are wearing. Learn how to reduce your risk and prevent the destruction of marine life.

Are Your Unscented Products Truly Fragrance-Free?

06 Dec 2017 | 11,949 Views

Your unscented, hypoallergenic products may be triggering skin irritation for a good reason. Research has found the majority of moisturizers are labeled inaccurately as hypoallergenic or fragrance-free. I'll share why this happens, how you can help stop it, and what you can do at home to protect your skin.


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